Paweł Garycki

Demo recordings 1997-2005

(c) 2009-2012

Amateur demo recordings for piano and keyboard in the progressive rock genre.

Attention. The recordings are lo-fi. The lyrics may contain theological or moral errors (according to the Catholic faith). The low fidelity, style of play or the use of screaming in two of the tracks may disturb some listeners.

Composition & lyrics: Paweł Garycki
Performance: Paweł Garycki.
Lead vocals in 'A Would-be Nuclear Holocaust': Żaneta C.

The order of the tracks is reverse-chronological.
A Dream of the FuturePiano08:42
The Daughter of LightPiano12:38
Heavenly MessengerGrand piano, Keyboard, Vocals07:52
A Would-be Nuclear HolocaustGrand piano, Keyboard, Vocals10:20
The Holy Hope of LifePiano, Keyboard, Voice10:28
HybridGrand piano, Keyboard07:58
A Space TaleKeyboard14:52
GaudiPiano, Keyboard08:32
IPVGrand piano09:58
SacrumPiano, Keyboard11:29
The KnightPiano, Keyboard, Vocals16:54
Memento MoriPiano, Keyboard, Vocals20:01